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The Cleveland Southwest Safety Council, is sponsored by the Middleburg Heights Chamber of Commerce and the Ohio Division of Safety and Hygiene, is one of 82 Ohio safety councils.

Each Ohio safety council has the same goal – to increase safety awareness. But developing and maintaining a safe workplace is no easy task. That is why it must be a combined effort of local businesses and the community.

BWC’s Division of Safety & Hygiene sponsors more than 80 safety councils, across the state, organized through chambers of commerce, trade and manufacturing associations, American Red Cross chapters or other local safety-minded organizations. These safety councils provide their local communities with quality programs addressing occupational safety and health, workers’ compensation and risk management education and information.

They inform participants about new techniques, products and services, and provide a thorough knowledge of these services.

Membership in the Cleveland Southwest Safety Council will enable your organization to take advantage of the savings afforded by eliminating / reducing workplace injuries and illnesses, to say nothing of the positive impact on morale and productivity & the bottom line!

Let us show you how, as a leader, you can increase productivity and morale. Membership is open to all, regardless of Chamber of Commerce membership status. All that is necessary to maintain membership in good standing is the payment of the enrollment fee of 100. If you are interested in becoming a members, please see our Enrollment Form.

All meetings for the 20-21 safety council year will be virtual. Sign in for meetings will start at 7:45am, with the virtual meeting starting at 8:15am. Estimate meeting will end by 9:30am.